March Venues 2014

ode to fitz

On display at Robert Hartshorn Studio, 2342 Professor Avenue

Against the Dying of the Light: Lightscapes work by Lila Rose Kole

“Against the Dying of the Light” selects from my current explorations into the quality of light; light as insight, as impression, as raw experience. I question what happens between extreme shifts in light—the vacillations important in every visual conflict. Fleeting, illuminated moments steer my work; they motivate me to capture and recapitulate a sense of place in light.

I collect illuminations like treasures; various in nature like the sky at dusk. The work in this exhibit is my earliest attempt to inhabit the play of atmospheric light and spatial orientation. I investigate, abstractly, the challenge of color interplay, the (dis)tension of value and luminosity, and the discovery of context.

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October Venues 2013

Separation by Bryon Miller  on display at doubting Thomas Gallery

Separation by Bryon Miller on display at doubting Thomas Gallery

Featured artwork: Separation, painting by Bryon Miller on display at doubting Thomas Gallery.

A group show showcasing artists thinking outside of their own “box”! Each artist will be exhibiting 2 pieces, one in their “normal” style or discipline, and one “out of the box”!

Artists are already known as creative thinkers. This show asks the artists to push themselves even farther – out of their own “box”! Painters taking photographs, illustrators creating sculptures… Come see what happens when imagination runs wild!

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